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Jan 1, 2014 9:00am PST
large unit in the rental unit on the plan. but i'm open to hearing what the discussion is. commissioner antonini? >> i just think there is a need for this type of thing. there are many families in san francisco who have similar circumstances where they have multiple children, more anticipated and people should be able to work within the stock of what they already own because as we know there has been a huge appreciation in prices and so. if this couple were to give up on this idea and try to buy a home that met their needs, it would be much more expensive than it had been when it was purchased in 2007. it might be the kind of thing that drives families out of san francisco. i feel fortunate to have been lucky enough to 30 years ago buy a fairly large house on the west side of town which i couldn't afford today, but the difference in having the space when you have multiple floors with children on one floor and in laws on another floor, makes life more pleasant and more functional especially when you are trying to do some business out of the home too which the couple has. i feel they are
Jan 23, 2014 10:00am PST
quote in europe, it's in the newspaper today that microsoft is going to start using servers outside the united states so that it can keep people's data safe. i can just imagine people in the united states wanting to use the microsoft or other servers outside the united states. this is becoming -- unmanageable. and my suggestion is at this point that we look for alternatives and that section 215 so far as i understood before the president spoke was something the white house was considering abandoning. the president didn't abandon and gave three options. one that has the most appeal to me which he didn't explain carefully is tagging data so you can actually find needles without having to have the haystack. wouldn't that be better? wouldn't that be reassuring to people? at any rate, i want to commend
Jan 1, 2014 8:30am PST
the existing three-unit building to a two-unit building. the property is located within a rh-3 residential, house three-familyy zoning district and 40-x height and bulk district. this action constitutes the approval action for the project for purposes of ceqa, pursuant to section 31.044hh of the san francisco administrative code. preliminary recommendation: do not take discretionary review and approve 1234123416b. 2013.1001dv c. noel; 4155 575-91255 1072-74 sanchez street - west side of sanchez street between 24th and elizabeth streets; lot 004 in assessor's block 3654 - request for a rear yard variance, pursuant to planning code sections 134 to replace a rear staircase with a third floor balcony and second floor landing at the rear of the dwelling, as well as, a horizontal addition/infill at the rear of the dwelling on the first and second floors at the southwest elevation. the property is located within a rh-3 residential, house three-familyy zoning district and 40-x height and bulk district. 12341234 good afternoon. the item before you is a proposal to merge three dwelling un
Jan 4, 2014 10:00am PST
rent controlled units and affordable housing. the legislation also works to disincentive eyes or discourage no fault evictions ~ including ellis act evictions by disallowing mergers for 10 years after a no fault eviction for evictions that have occurred after currently october 24, 2013, but i hear that tate might change to today. the other piece of legislation deals with alterations for nonconforming housing units. these are legally existing units that are nonconforming because of code swollening laws. currently because the alterations of these units are prohibited but their removal is aloud, the current code incentivizes [speaker not understood] ~ with conforming units to create larger less affordable unit and taking housing stock off the market. this allows for alterations these nonconforming units so that the city can continue to ensure levels of affordable rent control housing stock. the ordinance includes safeguards to ensure that allowing alteration to these units won't have unintended could betionvctiontionv questionctiontionves that will reduce affordability or encoura
Al Jazeera America
Jan 26, 2014 4:00pm EST
quote trucks not the national security -- trucks not the national security of the united states, they'll go after that information and take it. >> it was held in an undisclosed location. a russian law-maker says russia
Jan 29, 2014 8:00pm EST
quote across nine selectors that pointed to the united states. the use of the 215 tool allowed us to eliminate the possibility of a domestic nexus.
Jan 29, 2014 8:00pm EST
quote with the department of justice, white house, ask for an expedited review by the supreme court of the united states to determine the constitutionality of these programs so that we do not continually shop for the legal opinion that we want to my either one side or the other. l discuss this with the attorney general. protocolup on what the is forsaking a reading by the supreme court. >> is there a sense of urgency within the administration to
Jan 15, 2014 6:00pm PST
quote , as a precursor really to an attack. so for example, if the united states decides to go into what is known as computer network attack, then they could use the information that is gleaned through technologies like this to serve as the pathway in order to conduct an attack of that type. so that's what they're doing. they're looking at, they're recoin outering the network, doing a reconaissance and if they need to attack for whatever policy reason they can do so based on the
Jan 29, 2014 8:00pm EST
quote will explain what i mean. if a terrorist is identified in the united states, we want to understand if there's a network that we are facing. we take any telephone numbers connected to that terrorist absence ofin the 215, i would use the legal process that we use everyday. each of theng telephone companies, i would
Jan 8, 2014 5:00am PST
area. this legislation also looked at mergers of residential unites. the most common way unit are eliminated into the city what their converged into a semibe building and evict the tenants and convert it into a home and sold. the plan courageous if the merger would make the building with the decent of the soourlgd neighborhood. those ordinance with destroy those mergers by making it a priority particle rent control housing. we're concerned about the loss of affordable housing when their merged into residential everywhere rental unit. unfortunately we're forced to walk the line between state law and to evaluate 9 kinds of control in the housing needs in san francisco. it requires the city to maintain affordable housing and this is credit card a viable interest to encourage the non eviction of units it is for beliefs on no fault eviction. evictions can't be loud over october >> that's prospective. we believe the timeframe is appropriate under the ellis act interest so the other piece of ledger's election is around non-conforming use nor non-conforming housing. we know note thos
Jan 25, 2014 8:30pm PST
bay master development who is the national real estate firm to develop 29 unit. this will have affordable units for the market rate. i'll review the o p m academy and then i'll invite up my colleague as well as her team. we've got a lot of developers here today. so this map shows the location of the block it's the last site. it's on oddly shaped triangle shaped. it's butt the street to the south and to the east is another affordable project which the agency sponsored that's a condo project. this is an aerial view especially where the construction trailers are that's the site and you can seeing see how awkwardly adjacent to the freeway. the mission bay north is made up of inclusionary unit and other projects. the master developers allowed for the inclusionary housing unit they're required to be broken into 3 tiers very low up to middle income low up to 70 percent and moderate chitchats one hundred and 10 percent. the unit are sold to a third party similar to what we do with nonprofits. overall the o pa between the master developer & a total of 20 percent of the units have been t
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm EST
quote consequences. in the united states the transportation of oil by rail jumped 24% from the year
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm EST
quote consequences. in the united states the transportation of oil by rail jumped 24% from the year earlier. u.s. railways now transport nearly 10% of america's crude oil output or around 800,000 barrels per day, and that has increased the likelihood of rail accidents in both the u.s. and canada. in july a 74-car freight train derailed in the quebec town, and the explosion killed almost 50 people and destroyed 30 buildings in the town's center. in november a train derailed and exploded in pennsylvania. 11 cars burnt to a crisp. and in late december, a 110
Jan 29, 2014 1:30pm PST
how awkwardly adjacent to the freeway. the mission bay north is made up of inclusionary unit and other projects. the master developers allowed for the inclusionary housing unit they're required to be broken into 3 tiers very low up to middle income low up to 70 percent and moderate chitchats one hundred and 10 percent. the unit are sold to a third party similar to what we do with nonprofits. overall the o pa between the master developer & a total of 20 percent of the units have been to affordable pardon this the broken down under the o pa. the full build out will have 2 thousand and 64 units. this is the 29 opts. so applying the 20 percent we're required to have 5 hundred and 93 units and the developers are required to build a percentage. we have 6 hundred plus unit more than the ot a required so we're over leveling percent more than the original that was required. we have 20 more than the o pa. this is; however, while the master developer has succeeded those a they've not provided the breakdown as required. they built one hundred opt above that was required so even though we
Jan 26, 2014 3:30pm PST
hundred and 10 percent. the unit are sold to a third party similar to what we do with nonprofits. overall the o pa between the master developer & a total of 20 percent of the units have been to affordable pardon this the broken down under the o pa. the full build out will have 2 thousand and 64 units. this is the 29 opts. so applying the 20 percent we're required to have 5 hundred and 93 units and the developers are required to build a percentage. we have 6 hundred plus unit more than the ot a required so we're over leveling percent more than the original that was required. we have 20 more than the o pa. this is; however, while the master developer has succeeded those a they've not provided the breakdown as required. they built one hundred opt above that was required so even though we have 20 unit more if you do the math we have the last requirement for the 80 moderate unit. this tramths to one hundred and 10 percent as a 4 percent household earning. we do anticipate that any additional moderate rate units will be built for affordable housing. the full built out in the south the oc i will
Jan 26, 2014 9:00pm EST
hispanic resurgence in the united states. the program is about an hour. >> of >> host: the felipe, thank you for being with us. >> guest: thank you for taking an interest in my book. >> host: we can start by talking about the population of hispanics in the united states. in 1980 there were about 15 million hispanics in the united states and by 2012, nearly 53 million, and by 2020 we expect 128 million hispanics in the united states. your book helps to give the foundation and explain how this population arrived in the country and how it potentially -- we will talk about where it's going by the time we reach that 128 million. >> guest: you think of the recent period and which profile has been revolutionized by the resonance of the global phenomenon which is migration and that is a very long one and which hispanics have to be long and in the united states but by virtue of the first one that has a long history in this kind of reverting to that now. the statistics you mentioned are restoring the united states but more and more a situation of the country and historical the what is now t
Comedy Central
Jan 23, 2014 11:00pm PST
quote workers of the world unit and surround the other workers bus. i think the anger is misplaced here. you are like the guy screaming at the car rental agent because you don't think you should have to pay for a (bleep) full tank of gas before you go out like
Jan 14, 2014 1:00pm PST
quote in other countries trying to help the united states. what is your response to those who say, not all of these leaks have been good ones and not all of them have been in the name of what the freedom of the press foundation stands for? >> look, judgment has to be exercised in terms of what the public needs to know and ought to know and what has been withheld and there may be individual aspects of that where judgments may differ. but remember, we heard these same warnings at the beginning, middle, and end of -- i should say, at the beginning and middle of the prosecution of chelsea manning over a matter of years. blood was on people's hands and so forth. at the end of the trial, they have not produced one scrap of evidence supporting those assertions that anything or any person has been harmed as a result of those revelations, which was the largest since the pentagon papers and the largest until edward snowden. now, as far as i'm aware, the government has not produced one
Jan 16, 2014 7:30am PST
or stating that they should remove 3 units. the board was merely saying they should remove a floor. they could create as many units as they want in the existing four floors. further more i have to agree with commissioner hwang, these condominium units will not be affordable based on the initial price plus hoa duce. the board was right to find that this project as presented did not comply with the mission area plan or the general plan. the board rightly found at the last hearing that the building needed to be reducing in size and impact. the san francisco general plan states that the housing element should promote the construction and rehabilitation a well design housing that emphasizes beauty, flexibility and innovative design and respects existing neighborhood character." the housing policien insures that densities established residential areas promote compatibility with the prevailing neighborhood character. i just urge you to uphold your findings and as stated in the december 11th hearing. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm kenny, a resident of san francis
Jan 25, 2014 10:03pm EST
of hispanics in the united states. in 1980 there were about 15 million hispanics in the united states and by 2012 nearly 53 million by 2015 we are expecting 128 malignant. your book helps give the foundation and explain how the population are right in the country and we will talk about where it's going by the time we reach that 128 million. >> guest: that's very kind of you to say that. you think of this relatively recent period image the profile was revolutionized by -- there were vast numbers of people and the context that we understand this is a very normal one in which hispanics haven't elon in the united states by virtue of being immigrants and having been [inaudible] and the united states has a modern history as a hispanic country. the statistics you mentioned for restoring the united states, but the situation of the country and historically it is what was now the trenches of the united states first occupied and it was a kind of a blip in the story. >> host: that's exactly what your book seems to cover is the myth that we have about the founding of the united states and if this
Jan 29, 2014 2:00pm PST
60 unit at 60 percent a m i now one hundred and 10 percent a m i with 40 units. he's also right this project is about a policy will decision and not about feasibility by the way, both somewhere could work on paper. i know that one of my colleagues had more discussions with the staff and the potential developer and community but i was positive to remember that with low income we're down to building moderate housing. the division of moderate is a little bit different but work with housing is the most difficult type of housing to financed because there's not as many tools at the city and local government level. we have the opportunity to get investment to the tier that's in between moderate and what we call market rate. i challenge everyone to think about it if you haven't already and present it to the commissioners. commissioner >> i was interested in the partnership with the nonprofit based developer can someone comment from the staff comment open that option why is it not on the table. should not be on the table? >> good afternoon sally deputy director. yes. that was one of t
Jan 21, 2014 2:00pm PST
anticipate all the 11 hundred units to be low and there's no other tax credit that target the moderate rate. there's an inclusionary requirement that requires an inclusionary unit to target the low income. so block 4 p is the only additional income unit. so the xifs requirement is 80 unit with 49 market rate for sale for a total of 4 hundred and 29. this is a brief history of the site. it's on had one serious proposal since 1998. that developer for grassroots we approved the systematic design but the developer pulled out because they couldn't get the financing. personally, i joined the mission bay in 2007 and i got two or three calls from other developers and none of them have progressed other than initial conversations. in addition the master developer told us they've been marketing this site with those existing o pa requirements and haven't been to attack the one developer who couldn't make it work, however, they started construction in 2011 and exploring opportunity to amend the o pa to make it feasible. just before i move on there was a systematic design and this desig
Jan 25, 2014 9:45pm EST
at a number of case studies each one is an illustration or the united states has developed weapons designed to be less powerful, less deadly, less destructive than that have been designed to replace it or supplement. >>host: what are those today? >> the easiest to grasp of precision in guided munitions and it did san illustration with their much more accurate than previously. you can be more precise to be sure it is only the targets if they are aiming at and to do less collateral damage your unintended consequences. that makes the weapons capability reusable from combat. >>host: was the neutron bomb going in that direction ? >> that is the second of the case studies that nuclear weapons in particular many that were in the arsenal has been so large or so destructive it is hard to imagine in the situation you would want to use them in combat and that they cause more collateral damage so that is to try to develop nuclear weapons such as the neutron bomb to attack certain kinds of targets without collateral damage. what people have been talking about is the nuclear weapons used to attack target
Jan 21, 2014 1:30pm PST
it to be developed with 45 income rental inclusionary units and other units. recommending approval by board of supervisors for the ordinance 2 hundred and 15 dash 12 and submitting the remedies to the board of supervisors. mission bay north redevelopment action resolution 52014. thank you, madam secretary. commissions and members of the public thank you for joining us. this particular item relates to the last remaining development site in mission bay north the last moderate income development site that is remaining all of mission bay north but this site has been finished what you have before us is a proposal to make some minor renovations to move this site forward. with that, i'd like to ask scathing republican to present this item >> okay. there we go. all technical stuff covered. so we're going to do the overhead presentation. good afternoon, commissioners i'm katherine i'll be presenting the next two items the mission bay agenda. so as the director mentioned this is an amendment to the agreement we've done two agreements to the south this is the one to the north. and this will allow the
Jan 21, 2014 2:30pm PST
it be comparable to other market rate units or projects that are in omission bay. >> are you asking if we built one hundred affordable projects. >> right. >> they're a high standard and consistent with the project in mission bay there's a number of forcible mission bay projects that are at market rate but no significant clrgsz that are expected to be on par. >> thank you i'm going to reframe that question and get back with you. >> thank you very much any other questions. >> i have a followup question on the rent. the rentals rates for the units for the moderate level units. i wrote them down fast but i understand $2,400 >> i'm sorry could you repeat numbers please. so based on 2013 numbers the affordable would range from 24 hundred to 3 thousand from a one to 3 bedroom and for the market rate for the other units is 3 thousand to 4 thousand 2 hundred. >> and the rate you get to you work backwards and you look at thirty percent of that gross income and that gets you to how much the monthly rent b will be it's in the 24 hundred flat they'll be upgrading it periodically. >> yes. that's corr
Jan 17, 2014 12:00am PST
>> rose: welcome to the program. tonight we talk about china and and the united states with cui tiankai, china's ambassador to the united states. >> i hope the united states will have a better understanding of china's history, culture, china's past, china's present, and maybe china's future. and i do hope that the u.s. will not be so much worried about possible challenge or threat from china. we have no intention to assert everybody. the so-called rise of china is rise from our own past. it's not to prevail over anybody else. certainly not the united states. >> rose: we conclude this evening with kate tempest. he is the a brilliant and eloquent poet and former rap artist. >> i came from a school of rap and of rhyming and telling poems where you just knew it. you put it -- you commit it to memory so that you can go anywhere and be doing it with people and so the idea of reading something from a page, it putsing? between me and you. and if i want to tell you a poem i want it to be almost occurring spontaneously. and if you commit it to memory so well that you don't even have to re
Jan 4, 2014 10:30am PST
that unit to capture that space in the garage. you simply cannot expand the nonconforming units. you can expand the units that are legal nonconforming. basically in a four unit building you can expand two of the units but not the other two. this would allow you to expand the legal nonconforming units provided that you don't expand the building's envelope. unless there had been a no fault eviction in that building. does that help? >> yes. my other question is you said merger in two units. what exactly -- >> so, that would occur -- say you're dealing with the same four-unit building and an owner comes in and has purchased two of the units and decides to combine the two units into a larger space. perhaps -- in that case either the unit would need to be empty to do that or there would need to be some sort of eviction process so that the two units were empty and could be merged. this would not allow you to merge the units if there had been a no-fault eviction in order to have the two units available to merge into a larger unit. >> okay. so, to make your legislation, connect the dots for me. h
Jan 11, 2014 12:30pm PST
business costs and yup one argument to prove to be the judge on the best unit which will kill the bug is that it was full this school in front of the death of a cube wall accused the school visit the advantages of the armistice are provided to give that up to you the government relies security to shiite pilgrims to install it on since an increase in attacks the militancy and rescue teams rushed to the bomb site and the minute the frontier corps quarter goal area the injured were taken to hospitals. i witnessed a moment cuteness. the society sold off to the mosque said he picked up the goodies from there. i did many other project world. the scope of the nativity anaheim the jug on to point a to latina. she built on the ice issues that did it again. besides shiite party much as a mother who was being has announced a three d morning. to the filing this report. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack the sunni sectarian group let's go to john lee is suspected to be behind the attack. the group has been involved in hundreds of shiite killings in the country. to some problems is
Jan 1, 2014 6:00am PST
a hundred of 15 affordable units. that was a great idea. i couldn't be happier that we are starting to look very closely to what properties are under utilize. the second thing which is also addressing that very same issue is what's happened at the board of supervisors. i do not want to jump ahead of rogers who are report on it but i'm delighted that there were three items of issues of affordability in san francisco under protection under the ellis act eviction. i couldn't be more pleased to hear that during this time of year. >> commissioner antonini? >> yes, article in today's chronicle by the title of it is very good affordability must be tackled by the entire region. unfortunately while it is thought fully written. the solution he proposes in part are not really in my estimation a solution. he talks about other parts of the bay area becoming more dense and attracting some of the people that want to come to san francisco because we've asked them to come here and live in less space. to take public transit to locate businesses close to transit where people live and he's saying that other pa
Jan 4, 2014 11:00am PST
that we were having. [speaker not understood] unit on top of a warehouse and one was a emergency generator from across the street. it's hard to bring noise into chambers. i do leave a message on a machine hoping that maybe a staff member can listen to it and hear it instead of seeing the weird noise on a piece of paper. this weekend we had another event where i left messages. this was a construction site across the street that was going on with four, six weeks of noise and i started leaving noise on your machines. i got a quick education about noise. they can go from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days a week including holidays. i think it's a bit too generous. and there's more, but that would be for another time. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. yes it is. >>> thank you. evidently [speaker not understood] co-chair health board of san francisco. interesting, we had our retreat last weekend where all the board members came together to look at what are the issues, mental health mental issues we should consider for the next year for our monthly meeting. and one of the issues tha
Jan 13, 2014 6:30am PST
that roberts was sent to me today i think it's fair to say that russia and united states are in full agreement on the number of points. we are in full agreement that the violence the death in the needless suffering and syria must come to an end. we are in full agreement that the humanitarian crisis. he's not only affecting millions of syrian people. but also those in neighboring countries like turkey lebanon and jordan. and this dislocation. this disruption is absolutely unacceptable we're in full agreement that the resolution of this conflict. must be peaceful that there isn't a military solution. and we're in full agreement that we need to make it our best efforts from the moment that we announce this. last spring in moscow. for now we must continue our best efforts. in order to try to bring the parties to geneva and forge forward. for all of the reasons i decided we are in full agreement. that we have to do all we can in order to. begin the process of duty. a process that we all understand will be difficult and will take some time. so we must begin we must begin now. in the days leading up
Jan 14, 2014 6:00am PST
then releasing dangerous business would get incredibly damaged ties with the united states it still sort of state. it would crawl before najib is drawn off to his house and fourteen. republican senator lindsey graham interactive report those in trouble. he's eighty eight prisoners. there is much evidence to suggest our wrongdoing. over sixty coalition forces had been killed. as result of actions by these eighty eight in fifty seven afghans had been killed by the actions of these eighty eight to allow them to be released with the affront to the afghan people and to the soldiers and those who bravely risk their lives to capture them if these releases go ahead it would do irreparable damage to the relationship there will be a backlash in the us congress. i think the afghan people will be very upset. you already hear from the afghan people that they weren't dangerous criminals to be tried in a court not the least arbor trail. so the whole thing is that we can allow the afghan legal system to do its job are not asking that these people be tried in america we're not asking that americans to the top wer
Jan 30, 2014 10:30pm PST
, 2013, to pacific polk properties, rear yard, usable open space and dwelling unit exposure variances demolish existing vacant church and surface parking lot, and construct a new five-story over basement building with 27 dwelling units and 32 off-street parking spacess. case no. 10. sf 101234 this is on for hearing today and we'll start with appellants representative. please step forward. and you have 7 minutes to present your case. >>> if you are giving something to the board, you need to make sure the variance owner has one as well. >> we can share copies. all right >> linda chapman for nob hill neighbors. we are objecting to some and what we are not willing to have reversed is the location to the property. the size and dimensions are inadequate and the provisions for sunlight and unit exposure and adequate and there is no justification for these. it's an abusive discretion unless the zoning administrator meets all the constitutional riteria that are actually listed. the main wuz is that there has to be extraordinary circumstances that are not creating the choices
Jan 19, 2014 1:30am PST
on the affordable housing, the builder refused to put affordable housing into those units. if you want to put them back, i certainly ask that you commit to put the affordable units in there. also let me say the builder seems to be startled to discover that as the property is next to a very active theatre, that special accommodations are subsequently required during construction. that fact proves that prospective purchasers need to be aware of that there is a theatre next door. >>> good evening. my name is william harris and i'm a performer at the marsh theatre. and like many who have spoken here tonight and before, i have benefited from being a part of that community. but even more important, i have been allowed to be a teaching artist for the marsh theatre to camp with 7 and 8 and 9-year-olds. it's a very -- what's the word? it's not easiest environment in order to keep the little ones focused. i really am concerned about the sound and the problems that could occur. also we use valencia. the students go lunch at the park down the street, we take them to the water park and students coming back a
Jan 24, 2014 12:00am PST
>> rose: welcome to the program. we begin russia's ambassador the united nations, vitaly churkin. >> we would encourage russia and the united states work very closely, sergei lavrov and john kerry talking almost everyday on the phone, two dozen meetings, et cetera, et cetera, most on syria. so there are some ingredient which is make us theme it can be a success. but obviously obstacles are enormous and there are some players who don't want to see any settlement at all, who want syria to disintegrate, who want syria to become a hub of international terrorism. so it's -- we are working, trying to overcome tough obstacles. >> rose: we conclude with a conversation about the future of turkey with james jeffrey, dexter fill kins, elmira bayrasli and benjamin harvey. >> erdogan has basically prosecuted, arrested or otherwise marginalized huge numbers of the turkish elite and that's -- so what's happening now that that the vanguard, the sort of turkish vanguard that has done this led by erdogan is starting to crackup itself and that's basically it's split into two lanes so i think what's
Jan 19, 2014 1:00am PST
. if we understand correctly, the mark believes the project imposes a mortal threat. by using the 3 units, on the issue of affordable housing, the affordability of san francisco, we believe we have heard some disparaging remarks, the b mr's were somehow not real affordable housing which is news to us. question, with your vote to 3 units and any obligation to fund housing affordability has housing affordability in san francisco been improved. it's not an exaggeration to say if san francisco is serious about addressing it's housing affordability crisis, houses like valencia are going to have to be replicated hundreds of times throughout our neighborhood. on december 11th, someone needed to stand up for the integrity. i'm sorry that you were not able to that night and ask whether you might not reconsider the decision. the issues at stake in this tiny little project are numerator -- nomadic of the great challenges. >> good evening commissioners, i'm glen moser with the fair oaks neighborhood association. 4-year resident of the mission within blocks of the marsh. at the december 11th meeting,
Jan 5, 2014 11:30pm PST
is at badminton. speaking of that institution could attack them. but in the bed unit is gonna be in the two hundred some cases cap. not even the people i didn't get the puppies love being affected in a loving kid and loving me. it is me. jenkins says i do not know a haul of bhakti. it use to bolster the response of. the because it is yet to be coming in to buy lah. though. forming a government rethink some responses and actions rather than. so on. it is supposed to reduce funds that can give me such a response to the programs that need to get the response of the acts they're claiming it's the bnp is caving in to the kissimmee and get her back. it is done then you have that. like pp this strain of anti christian the identity of the month leading to the pool this action. should be the ones because they would all miss the fun of that. then they should be the ones that find out the line no that is seen in the gnostic my dad asked me not speaking that big of a busy and hadn't had it at the start of the event that the majority of the people came and took over the main she's taken the front was un
Jan 17, 2014 5:30pm PST
to 12 percent. it would have triggered 2 units. now under current requirements it's 1. it was by prop c by last december of 2012. >> they have pretty strict guidelines as to affordability? >> it's for the mayor's office of housing. >> it's not optional by the developer. >> they choose how they comply. they must choose by the departmental action. the fee is the first option and they can provide it off site or on-site. >> it's through housing? >> it's implemented through the mayor's office of housing. we work with them and we develop the approval and attach the entitlement. >> you said currently as the propose project is sitting now it would still need to supply one? >> so the new project were to be submitted and approved, it would be subject to the current controls of triggering one. it's my understanding that given that this was approved prior to the effective date of prop c and it was heard by the planning commission prior to that date that was requirement and the fact that they are required to provide two. i can confirm that with the city attorneys office. the rules are complex and c
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 6,370 (some duplicates have been removed)